The world of AI just got more interesting. Meet Twine.

The Brand

A social app that’s finally yours. Or so we said.

Here’s a decentralized social network where you can discover the right people and products based on every thread of your personality.

Your personality can define your habits, compatibliity, inclinations and your biases. Twine’s AI powered social graph predicts your compatibility with people for collaborations, friendships and relationships.

Branding this dApp is one thing, marketing and growing it amidst a bear cycle? Another.


GTM Strategy, Design, Brand Identity Workshops, Community Building

The Challenge: Launching and marketing a new decentralized app

In the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized applications (dApps), introducing a brand-new platform posed a significant challenge. Our mission for Twine was to not only create a cutting-edge product but also establish a strong presence in the Web3 ecosystem. We recognized that breaking through the clutter required more than just technological innovation; it demanded a deep understanding of the core principle of Web3—the power of community.

The Insight: A Web3 product is only as good as its community

In the world of Web3, the value of a product extends far beyond its code. We realized that to succeed, we needed to foster a thriving and engaged community. In Web3, users aren’t passive consumers; they’re active participants who contribute to the growth and success of a platform. We understood that our dApp’s potential hinged on building a passionate and committed community that shared our vision.

There is strength in community

As with any tech product, the significance of proper branding and community engagement cannot be overstated. It’s not merely about having a catchy logo or a well-designed website; it’s about creating a living, breathing entity that resonates with users, fosters trust, and fuels the growth of the product.

You need a partner.

Twine’s story can be yours, too. If you’re a founder with an idea or a product ready to launch or scale, we can start your journey to build your brand identity today.