raised in funding

+3 million

customers in 2 years

6.5 million

app downloads in 2 years

The Client

Cashalo is a fintech platform that delivers digital credit to Filipinos – helping them elevate their financial well-being. They started as a mobile lending platform organized by JG Summit and Oriente tech. They now bring new financial opportunities to more than 3 million Filipinos. The idea for Cashalo was seeded to a member of our team back in 2017. He then launched the brand from day 0 with the founding team as employee #1.

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Go-to-Market Strategy, Product Marketing, PR & Marketing Strategy

The Challenge: Introducing Cashalo to a new market

When Cashalo approached the founding member of our team, they needed help in the following aspects of their growth strategy:

  1. Customer Discovery & Insight – It was clear to Cashalo what their user problems are. However, reaching and understanding their psychographics entailed a different expertise. The goal was to test them, and assess their potential to generate revenue.
  2. User Acquisition Strategy – A strong go-to-market strategy can help drive user acquisition and growth for the app. By identifying the most effective channels for reaching the target audience, the app can acquire users more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  3. User Retention Cashalo needed a good marketing strategy that can also help with user retention. By communicating regularly with users and providing ongoing value and support, the app can increase user loyalty and reduce churn.

The Insight: The road to 3 million app downloads within the first 2 years 

A strong understanding of their customers and target users matched with an equipped marketing team enabled Cashalo to reach this remarkable milestone in the following aspects:

  1. App awareness: A strong growth strategy coupled with ASO (app store optimization) helped Cashalo raise awareness of the app among Filipinos in need of their loan offerings. We employed a 360-degree growth plan including social media advertising, influencer marketing, press releases, and targeted email campaigns to reach Filipinos. By increasing the app’s visibility, we were able attract more downloads.
  2. User acquisition: By identifying the most effective channels for reaching the target audience, we used search engine optimization and app store optimization to attract more users for Cashalo’s app. By optimizing these channels and tracking their performance, our product team was able to refine the app and acquired more users over time.
  3. Retention & Loyalty: Acquiring users is one thing. Retaining them on the app is another challenge. By communicating regularly with users and providing ongoing value and support, we were able to capitalize on and increase user loyalty and reduce churn. We guided the product management team to send push notifications reminding users of upcoming payments, offer rewards for timely payments, or provide personalized loan recommendations based on user behavior. By keeping users engaged and satisfied, the app retained more users over time.

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