How does brand identity come to define a brand?

The Client

Unlike traditional staff outsourcing or augmentation, Flexisource IT takes pride in its unique selling proposition called “flexisourcing.”

Rebranding can significantly enhance Flexisource’s ability to draw in top clients and quality talents by providing a fresh and compelling image that resonates with the target audience.

A well-executed rebranding effort communicates the company’s unique value proposition and showcases its commitment to innovation and growth. This increased appeal can attract high-caliber clients seeking a trusted and forward-thinking partner, while also attracting top talents who are eager to be associated with a brand that represents excellence and opportunity.

Learn how a rebranding for this IT brand helped conveyed its narrative clearer to a wider audience.


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The Challenge: Raising the Bar – Overcoming the Need for Differentiation in the IT Services Market

In an increasingly competitive IT services market, Flexisource IT faced the challenge of standing out and differentiating itself from other industry players. Through extensive market research and competitor analysis, the company identified the need to develop a unique selling proposition that would set it apart. The “flexisourcing” concept emerged as the answer, showcasing Flexisource IT’s commitment to providing flexible and dynamic solutions, positioning them as the ideal alternative to traditional outsourcing and staff augmentation.

The Insight: Bridging the Gap: Identifying the Key Elements for Successful Client and Talent Attraction

To attract top clients and quality talent, Flexisource IT recognized the importance of aligning its brand identity and communications strategies. By gaining insights from client feedback and conducting thorough talent market research, the company identified the key elements that would resonate with both target audiences. This involved crafting a compelling brand narrative, emphasizing the company’s values, expertise, and dedication to innovation, fostering strong connections with potential clients and talent alike.

A Fresh Face: The Impact of Rebranding on Client Perception and Market Positioning

Through a comprehensive rebranding initiative, Flexisource IT transformed its visual identity and communication materials. The new brand image reflected the company’s dynamic and flexible nature, portraying it as a progressive and innovative player in the IT services landscape. As a result, clients perceived Flexisource IT as a reliable partner, offering distinct advantages over competitors, while the market recognized the company as a cutting-edge and agile organization, reinforcing its position as a top choice for quality IT services and talent.

What tech branding means for your product

When we speak of tech branding and as we have learned from GK Labs’ previous work with another fintech startup called Advance, we’re referring to more than just a visual representation of the startup through a logo or color scheme.

Tech branding encompasses the entire image and perception that customers and potential customers have of your business. One crucial aspect of branding is establishing a clear vision and mission for the company. 

As the story gets told, understanding the message which will resonate and drive product adoption are elements serve as the foundation for all your randing efforts and messaging.

You need a partner.

Flexisource IT’s story can be yours, too. If you’re a founder with an idea or a product ready to launch or scale, we can start your journey to build your brand identity today.