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The Client

HawodTech Solutions Inc. offers a wide-range of support services to their US clients including IT Recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and IT Staff Augmentation. With these services, we aim to provide convenience to companies and allow them to save time from their businesses. It is their goal to connect with companies across the globe and provide technological support to drive them towards their business goals.

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SEO Audit & Optimization, Brand Strategy, Go-to-Market, Content Strategy

The Challenge: Cutting through the competition with a unique selling proposition (USP) and customer-informed strategy

In the world of IT and recruitment, discoverability is everything amidst a tight competition. HawodTech came to us with a logo but they were missing a brand strategy and an overall marketing strategy to go with their visual identity that will extend to their customers’ experience. Through a series of highly interactive workshops, we built a customer-informed content strategy. 

We also aimed to build a new version of the IT Outsourcing company’s website that will cater to their target markets globally. This means retiring the old website and using SEO to help them rank for the target audience.

The Insight: Building a marketing strategy around a well-researched keyword matters for discoverability

With account-based marketing, HawodTech saw a +127.9% increase in their brand reach and engagement through a combination of long-form (blogs and vlogs) and short-form content.

In the SEO aspect, the same keywords: IT staffing, IT solutions, resource process outsourcing, will rank and perform differently per country. To ensure ranking, we recommended building subdomains for each website (.au, .us) with different SEO structures. We coordinated with their developer to guide them for best practices on image resolutions.

From an SEO score of 52/100 which is relatively dismal for an IT company, HawodTech’s SEO score increased to 75 on the 1st audit and 87 after the final audit implementation.

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