The Brand

PropHero stands out as a platform that revolutionizes property investment. The brand promises to simplify the complex process of finding, buying, and managing high-return, low-risk investment properties across Australia. PropHero’s unique approach, combining Big Data, advanced analytics, and licensed property experts, positions it as a leader in the industry. Despite having a robust brand strategy, the challenge lay in translating this strategy into impactful print and digital applications.


The focus of this case study is on the crucial aspect of branding and its application. PropHero acknowledges that a strong brand is not just about a recognizable logo but extends to every interaction with the audience. This includes digital platforms, marketing collateral, and any touchpoint where the audience engages with the brand.

The Solution

To address this challenge, PropHero partnered with a creative agency specializing in brand development and application. The agency conducted an in-depth analysis of PropHero’s brand strategy, identifying key elements that needed to be highlighted in their visual and textual communications.

Brand Application Formats:

  1. Visual Identity:
    • Logo Redesign: The agency enhanced the existing logo, ensuring it communicated PropHero’s essence of modernity and reliability.
    • Color Palette and Typography: A refined color palette and typography were established to evoke trust and professionalism.
  2. Digital Presence:
    • Website Revamp: The website was redesigned to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. The visual elements were aligned with the new brand strategy.
    • Social Media Templates: Consistent templates for social media posts were developed to reinforce brand recognition.
  3. Print Materials:
    • Brochures and Flyers: Print materials were created with a clean and cohesive design, incorporating the updated visual identity and messaging.
    • Business Cards: The new brand elements were seamlessly integrated into business card designs for a lasting impression.
  4. Marketing Collateral:
    • Email Campaigns: Email templates were revamped to align with the brand strategy, ensuring a cohesive communication style.
    • Advertising Materials: Consistent visuals and messaging were applied to online and offline advertising materials.


The implementation of the new brand application formats resulted in a more unified and impactful brand presence for PropHero. The visual and textual consistency across various channels enhanced brand recognition and trust among the target audience.

The revamped website saw increased user engagement, reflecting the effectiveness of the brand application in the digital space.


PropHero’s journey exemplifies the critical role of brand application in establishing a strong and memorable presence in the real estate tech industry. By strategically aligning visual and textual elements with their brand strategy, PropHero successfully elevated its brand, reinforcing its commitment to simplifying property investment for its users.

This case study underscores the importance of investing in comprehensive brand application to create a lasting and positive brand image.

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