Grocery delivery services is something that is still unique in our country but has been sprawling in the other parts of SEA, so why not try to do it here?

– Mike Lim, CEO of

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Mike Lim , CEO of shares a brief story on the Filipino-owned and founded e-commerce company. is an online grocery, essentials, and food delivery service situated in Manila, Philippines. Their primary aim is to provide swift, convenient, safe, and secure doorstep delivery. By partnering with various stores, they ensure the availability of high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

Acquired by SoPa (Society Pass) last February 15, 2022, a publicly listed company on NASDAQ, Pushkart has been diligently expanding its network of merchants to offer an extensive range of grocery items and specialty stores.

The announcement arrived during a period of notable expansion in delivery services within the Philippines, as the internet economy is projected to experience a significant surge. Forecasts indicate a growth of 24 percent, with the economy expected to rise from $17 billion in 2021 to $40 billion by 2025. stands out as one of the rapidly emerging e-commerce platforms in the Philippines. It boasts a substantial customer base, surpassing 125,000 registered users, along with a strong social media presence of over 35,000 followers. Additionally, the platform has garnered more than 20,000 downloads of its mobile app, further indicating its growing popularity.

In a brief Q&A with us, we asked him questions that will hopefully inspire the next generation of tech startup and e-commerce founders. Mike shared some great insights into his company’s mission and how he got started. Read on to find out his answers below.

The Beginning

Darwin Smith, the former CEO of Kimberly-Clark, shared that the secret to being the best is to “never stop trying to become qualified for my job.” What do you think of this?”

The way I see it is to never stop being passionate on your job. Next is being competitive in your own unique way. And then being able to adapt change and grow from it

The Spark:

In three sentences or less, please tell us your inspiration for your startup. What motivated you to start it?

I’m an advocate of technology and e-commerce. I’ve always dreamed of having the same convenience and advancement here in the Philippines, as it is in the US or Singapore. Grocery delivery services is something that is still unique in our country but has been sprawling in the other parts of SEA, so why not try to do it here?

The Everyday

What Kind Of Obstacles Do You Work With Daily? How do you overcome them?

Well our team was very lean when we were starting so the leaders have to wear multiple hats. It was very difficult to move forward. But I can say running the operations was one of the biggest obstacles as most of us founders were not experienced in the craft. Our product was a combination of tech, e-commerce, and logistics and there were no available standards during that time. So we have to figure them out by ourselves and we learned a lot.

The Trial

What were some significant barriers that you encountered before you began?

One of the biggest challenge when we were starting was the funding. We were trying to introduce a unique product back then which requires bringing massive awareness. So we have to figure out how to survive on a very little run-rate while being very aggressive in fundraising.

The Launch and The Future

What happened immediately during your launch and where do you see it headed in the next three years?

Our company was acquired early 2022 and are very excited for our next venture.

The Supporters: 

Who supported you and what do you think they saw?

We are very grateful for the support of each and every one who believed in our group and product. There were a lot of mentors but the most prominent was Prof. Richard Cruz of AIM. He guided us all through out when we were starting. We also received a lot of support from QBO and their programs. We are also very thankful to our seed investors which is mostly our family and friends. There’s also Aldrin Cerrado, Ferdie Sia, and Gem Guiang who came along, believed in us and constantly guided us while we were traversing through the pandemic. places great value on time and energy, recognizing their significance in customers’ lives. With a customer-centric approach, they prioritize ensuring an exceptional experience for their users. By entrusting Pushkart with their grocery shopping, customers gain more time to engage in activities they love. Pushkart strives to transform the grocery shopping experience, alleviating its burdens by assuming the responsibility for customers.

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