Well-known Vitamin C brand increases sales for bottom three variants with consumer insight

The Vitamin C Supplement brand needed to refine its campaign strategies to identify which of its seven variants were most appealing to first-time users. 

They also needed to understand consumer motivations for using each variant and to assess the performance of their ads in terms of comment and engagement quality. Additionally, they wanted to ensure their messaging was still relevant.


Our team aimed to:

  1. Identify which of the seven variants first-time users were most keen to try.
  2. Assess and understand the motivations for consumption and usage of each variant.
  3. Determine which ads were performing best in terms of comment and engagement quality, distinguishing between spam/bot comments and verified human accounts.
  4. Evaluate if the messaging and positioning for each variant were still relevant.

Our Methodology

We conducted daily inbox upkeep and quantitative analysis of inquiries and comment sections, using AI automation to filter out spam and bot comments. We also performed detailed analysis of consumer feedback and engagement metrics.

Key Insights after 38 days

1. First-Timer Preferences We identified the variants most appealing to first-time users, allowing the brand to focus their introductory marketing efforts effectively.

2. Consumer Motivations: By understanding the different motivations for each variant, we helped the brand tailor their messaging to address specific consumer needs and usage scenarios.

3.  Ad Performance: Our analysis revealed which ads had the highest quality engagement, with verified human accounts providing valuable feedback. This helped in optimizing ad spend and improving engagement rates.

4. Messaging Relevance: We found that thematic campaign messaging for five of the variants needed updating to better resonate with current consumer sentiments and trends.


1. Improved Campaign Targeting: Our insights led to more precise targeting, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

2. Spam Control: By filtering and controlling the spam influx, we provided more accurate data, acting as a double-check against Facebook’s over-reporting of clicks or conversions where spams are counted in conversions.

3. Managed Ad Spend: Optimized ad performance and targeted spending resulted in better ROI.

4. Increased Sales for Overlooked Variants: Understanding consumer engagement with the bottom three variants led to a focus on these products, resulting in a 26.7% average increased online sales for these three undermarkted options.

Results after only 6 months

  • The brand achieved improved targeting and more effective campaigns.
  • Spam and bot comments were significantly reduced, providing clearer insights and more reliable engagement data.
  • Ad spend was optimized, leading to better financial ad management and campaign performance.
  • Online sales increased for the bottom three variants, demonstrating the value of targeted consumer engagement and strategic focus.

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