Memory Enhancer Supplement sees 88.7% higher CTR in first 45 days

This Memory Enhancer Supplement needed help with market perception, being seen as a seasonal, one-off supplement rather than an everyday companion for improving mental acuity. 

This perception led to stagnant sales and difficulty reaching their target market share.

Read on to find out how consumer intelligence helped change the trajectory for this brand.


Our team aimed to:

  1. Adjust brand messaging to shift market perception by analyzing the nature of inquiries.
  2. Understanding common reasons for consumption.
  3. Segment inquiries by type to understand consumer motivations.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of new content formats and consumer testimonials.


We conducted deep quantitative analysis and leveraged AI automation to gather and analyze data, providing actionable insights for the client.

Key Insights after the first 45 days

1. Incorrect competitor benchmarking which led to the wrong messaging: We discovered that the brand was benchmarking against a competitor targeting a different sector (memory loss), whereas their product should be focused on mental acuity.

2. Consumer Segmentation: By segmenting inquiries and comments from professionals versus one-off users (e.g., exam takers), we could better understand consumer motivations and mindsets.

3. Brand Messaging Adjustment: Our team helped adjust the brand messaging to more clearly explain product positioning, attracting a new market segment—parents wanting the product for their children.

4. Effective Testimonials: We found that consumers were willing to provide successful testimonials, which proved to be more effective than product-centric ads.

5. Increased Engagement and CTR: Within 45 days, our efforts led to an 88.7% higher CTR for online e-commerce channels and a staggering 245.7k% increase in organic engagement.

Results after only 8 months

  • The brand experienced an average 11.2% month-on-month growth in engaged followers.
  • There was a 23% increase in bottom-line sales from e-commerce and a 32% increase in offline sales due to activations and partnerships.
  • The inquiry-to-converted-sale ratio reached an impressive 78.9%, with most inquirers successfully checking out or buying from the nearest drugstore.
  • Our insights and adjustments led to a significant shift in brand perception, making the product more attractive as an everyday supplement.

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