Fibre Supplement Company sees 28% peak increase in online sales with consumer intelligence


This Fibre Supplement Company faced significant challenges with inefficient inbox upkeep, wasted ad spend due to delayed responses to inquiries, and an ineffective chatbot that deterred potential customers.

The chatbot previously set up did not bode well with consumers who want to speak with real, authentic people. Instead, they received automated and robotic responses.


Our team aimed to:

  1. Understand the frequency of inquiries and build a conversational model.
  2. Analyze consumer sentiment to humanize the brand and build relationships with consumers.
  3. Segment each inquiry according to type.
  4. Understand consumer concerns to supplement ad campaigns.
  5. Evaluate the quality of comments and inquiries derived from ads.


Together with inbox upkeep and managing inquiries, we conducted deep quantitative analysis and leveraged AI automation to gather and analyze data, providing actionable insights for the client.

Key Insights from the first 3 months

1. Incorrect Competitor Benchmarking: We discovered that the brand was benchmarking against the wrong competitors, which skewed its product positioning and strategy.

2. Customer Persona Misalignment: Our analysis revealed that the ideal customer persona differed from the actual consumers making inquiries and purchases. By adjusting messaging and targeting based on these insights, we improved engagement.

3. Brand Disconnect: We identified a disconnect between the campaign’s elite positioning and the actual consumer base, who had different motivations and interests.

4. Untapped Market Potential: We uncovered a high propensity to buy and refer the product within the lower C to D socioeconomic classes, which was originally overlooked because the focus was marketing to Classes A to B. 

5. Content Strategy Overhaul: Our insights led to targeted content changes, resulting in a 145.6% increase in quality inquiries and comments within the first year.

Results after 12 months

  • We helped achieve a 16-28% increase in sales, both online and offline.
  • Our efforts increased the company’s followers from 22,375 to 44,235, reflecting a 2.97% month-on-month growth in engaged followers.
  • Our timely inbox response and analysis led to a 38% inquiry-to-converted-sale ratio.
  • By targeting an uncaptured market, we significantly boosted testimonials and referrals and set the foundation for a loyal following.

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